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Why choose Delta Exchange?

Innovative products

Trade derivatives on exclusive altcoins and bitcoin, with up to 100x leverage. Settle in BTC or USDC.

Institutional-grade exchange

Powerful matching engine complemented by intuitive interface, advanced order types and lightening-fast APIs.

Safe & Secure

Enterprise-grade multi-factor security for digital assets. All withdrawals are processed with manual review.

24/7 Support

Dedicated trader-tested support team that's available 24/7/365 across multiple channels

Built and backed by a world class team

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Try Our Mock Trading Platform today! It works just like the real one and lets you trade futures on bitcoin & altcoins


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Trade 24/7 using our Automated Trading feature. Put your money to work in 3 easy steps:

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    Trade futures on BTC or leading altcoins with upto 100x leverage.

    Have a question about Delta Exchange?

    • Does Delta Exchange support margin trading?

      Delta Exchange offers trading in Bitcoin futures and futures on over 50 DeFi and altcoins. Crypto futures offer all the features of margin trading and are generally superior to margin trade. The futures on Delta Exchange provide: (a) up to 100x leverage vs. 3-5x available in margin trading , (b) ability to go both long, (c) tighter spreads and deeper orderbooks and (d) lower trading fees.

    • Which cryptocurrencies can I trade on Delta Exchange?

      Delta Exchange is a crypto derivatives exchange and supports trading of Bitcoin futures and futures on over 50 top DeFi coins and altcoins. The exchange also offers options on Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Link and BCH. Additionally, Delta lists a wide array of innovative derivative contracts that include DeFi Index futures, calendar spread contracts, interest rate swaps and MOVE options (straddles which can be used to speculate on volatility). The complete list of crypto derivatives that are listed on Delta Exchange is available here.

    • How does Delta Exchange ensure safety of crypto in its custody?

      Delta Exchange has enterprise-grade security and stores crypto in multi-sig wallets, managed and/or hosted by reputed custody solutions providers such as BitGo and Curv. For additional security, withdrawals are processed only once a day with manual review.

    • What trading fees does Delta Exchange charge?

      For bitcoin settled BTC perpetual and futures contracts, and for all USDT settled futures, the trading fees is as follows – maker orders: 0.02% and taker orders: 0.05%. For altcoin-btc pair futures, the trading fees are 0.10% for both maker and taker orders.

      The trading fees for other categories of derivative contracts such as options and calendar spreads is different than that for futures contracts. For our complete fee schedule, see our fees page.